Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Agency Balancing Act... Part 1

Having read this New York Times posted a while back I thought "I want one!"
OK so I want one, but probably more important I want control of the Personal Data Store that it will fill up with, as the device I want will be capable of gathering a lot of data about me, the wearer. 

While I am at it, I also want the ability to point Apps at my data, all my current Apps have their own data, more often than not, in the control of the App publisher, "What's up with that?".

For those that remember an earlier mobile device and its special approach to storing data, I dream of us getting back to the Newton Soup. The soup though, will be MY soup, not Apple's soup or Googles soup.
(Sadly if you really did follow the evolution of the Newton all of the App developers back then kept their soup in their own soup bowls... Doh!)

My soup will be chunky and very valuable, to me and others, as all of the chunks will have descriptors (meta data)... which means I need a way of looking after my soup, so my Chunks will also have Rules that will manage who has access to which chunks and how much they have to pay for it. My Soup will have Agency and be pretty Smart at it!

I don't want the hassle of having to manage all that on a day to day basis, so I want an Entitlement Agent, in fact I want lots of different sorts of agents over which I have dominion! But that's another post.

And so should you! You should be standing shouting from the rooftops.

We want Cyber Agency, and we want it Now!

Before it is too late...

By the way if you are an Enterprise you should be shouting 
"They want Cyber Agency and they want it Now!"
The folks who win will be the ones that OWN your Customers data, and if it is not your Customers, where do you think that puts you, Oh dear!, that will mean that you will be a customer too!
We all know that Disintermediation sucks, especially if you are the one being disintermediated! 
(Now Mr or Mrs Enterprise person into your bat cave and ask yourself what's the chances of us being able to persuade all our customers to let us own their data? Be honest with yourself!)

Best put your Customers in control then!

So Cyber Agency is the new balancing act:

 - give them their data before they can sensibly and easily maintain control of it and someone else will snarf it!
 - keep it for too long and they will move their custom elsewhere, to someone who does give them control.


Life's hard!