Monday, November 27, 2006

Comments! on previous posts

I have left them as a fitting demonstration of the vagaries of e-Trust!

It appears that this blog site does not conform to one of the, as yet un-written, principles of e-Trust.

Namely: Any system that mediates e-Trust will have default settings that are aimed at achieving the highest level of e-trust.

The settings in question were related to the manner in which comments were allowed.

(Alternativley on setting up the site I was not warned of the consequences of changing the settings! I honestly cannot remember which!)

e-Trust: An impossible Goal?

If we define e-Trust as that trust that can be electronically mediated between two individuals or corporate entities.

The challenge is can models be developed that allow the development of an electronic environment, that is conducive to the mediation of trust?

Trust alone is such a fun (read "complex") concept. "e-Trust" raises the problem another power.

I see this as a key future challenge, we are fast moving to an electronically mediated world, and we have as yet failed to develop the trust models to keep up.

My question to you is who should be working on this problem to help us achieve this goal? If it is indeed solvable....

I start from the position that those that create the need for, an means of, electronic trust mediation are responsible.

The desired outcome is Information Quality Management, a seemingly as yet little explored area of Computation
I see it as a discipline in it's own right....

The weak description on Wikipedia is clue enough!

Apparently the discipline is being claimed by

Librarians are clearly one of the historical professions involved in the discipline of Information Quality Management, and will be able to help us address one part of the problem. One might ask though, do librarians have the formal training in, or understanding of, the complex system theories that are needed to underpin Information Quality Management? At the very least there will need to be a join of disciplnes...

There are many interested parties:

The principals
- Sellers of Products and Services
- Buyers of Products and Services
- Police
- Legislative
- Customs
- Tax
- Computational <--- My thought for where the buck stops...
- Economical
- Sociological

My question is how will the right academic disciplines come together to ahieve this goal. For after all, it cannot be too long before all of our future economical value will depend on it!!!