Saturday, December 18, 2010

Abstract Thoughts on "Information Friction"

The problem appears to be growing worse! Information Technology is becoming like a silicon spray reducing Information Friction to the lowest levels ever. The issue is simply that it is easier than ever to accumulate vast amounts of information and distribute it globally and instantly with little effort. The consequences of the reduction in Information Friction, are both positive and negative. The dilemma is that while individuals are pleased to give up their information to a specific organisation for a specific gain, the organisations do not always keep their side of the bargain. On the other hand the more Enterprises are intent on keeping information restricted, the more valuable it is for Insiders to share it, with the resulting phenomena of Insider Senioritisation

As was recently identified by the ISSA in their chaired by David Blunkett at the Houses of Parliament and commented upon in David Lacey's Blog; The world needs much more innovation in Information Security. Perhaps it is time to look to the Jericho Forum Command,emts for inspiration; how might they suggest we should approach putting the friction back into Information Flow, and who should be in control of the lever that applies said friction?

I will be researching these questions in my work on Next Generation Identity (or should that be Access?) Management for the Leading Edge Forum

I am very interested to hear from those who has some ideas.

The main three problems
Behaviour Change, Behaviour Change, and Behaviour Change as it is truly "all about them" where "them" are the users!

How does one mke it :
Harder to accumulate large amounts of information
Tougher to deny ignorance of knowledge
More difficult to distribute large amounts that your are not supposed to have

In short how can we put the Resource Owner in charge of the resource. nigh on in real time

UNDER CONSTRUCTION, but feedback welcome