Wednesday, July 28, 2004

e-Trust a definition

I have decided that e-Trust is a unit of Measure, the sum of which is a sort of Barometer of Public Trust of the e-Space.

There are many things that affect this Measure from the butterfly flapping it's wings over Madagascar, to the latest version of your favorite worm or virus. At the time of writing the author of MyDoom-O must be going round with a smug look on their face, if only he understood that he just put another nail in the freedom that we can experience in the e-Space.
For he just negatively impacted "e-Trust".

One posit is that when the sum of e-Trust falls below a specific but as yet unknown level the "powers that be" will feel compelled to react and implement what may feel to some like draconian measures to bolster "e-Trust".

Did you know that Microsoft is working with the UK Government to develop ways of bolstering e-Trust, as we blog?

My question for today:
What ARE the types of activities that impact e-Trust, postively and negatively?

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