Sunday, October 26, 2008

Aha Number 1: On the relationship between my Personas and my "Me" Tags

I created this Blog Space, out of some weird sense that I didn't want to be blogging on this subject to my usual reader! Something about wanting to reach/please a different audience. This week while on the Leading Edge Forum Cloud Study Tour, I watched as @mastermark decided to reduce his tweets under the #lef tag, because he felt he was overwhelming his audience. This must have got my subconcious thinking as I woke this Sunday morning knowing that Personas and Personal Tagging were very closely related.

So for some definitions:
A Persona is a public facing identity that normally has a name like Adrius42
Personal Tagging will come in three basic forms, the lowest level is self asserted, next comes from the aggregation of third party tags (vis By public acclaimation Adrius42 is a Geek, and those of you who know me will know that I would be mighty proud of such an acclaimation!) this second form of tagging is what others tag me as, the final form of tagging is a claim that can be authenticated via a thrid party, eg I am a Doctor ( I am not so I would have a hard time having the BMA authenticating that claim, whereas my son would not)

So onto my Aha! this e-trust blog space is simply a poor attempt of mine to tag my Web2.0 persona.

What would be better is if the Social Media Tools (starting with my friends at FaceBook who really didn't get what I was talking about when I raised the topic!) were to implement Personal Tagging it will be the early beginning of Identity and Access Management in the Social Space.

Instead of "following" all of Adrius42 you could "follow" my Web2.0 persona articulated at the application level by Adrius42#Web2.0. I would be more comfortable letting some of you into that, than the whole me!. So when you accessed Adrius42, you would get to see those persona#tags that you have chosen to follow and that I have let you see. You can also chose to unfollow one of my persona#tags if I start to get too nerdy in it, as you might my upcoming Adrius42#greencomposting persona#tag!

I would also be able to define the folks who could see my persona#tags. For example my Adrius42#web2.0 tag I might make public, whereas Adrius42#holidays I might make visible to friends so that they could choose to follow it and I could choose to let them.

So here's to Persona#tags

Now all I need is for this post to go Viral and for my FaceBook friends to get what I was jabbering on about.... then my Twitter friends then my friends... and then my whole Social Media Universe. And then Mark and I would be able to stop feeling guilty about what we were blabbing on about!!!

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