Friday, December 25, 2009

FaceBook Privacy "<"NOT!">"

The dastardly folks at FaceBook have repeated the same trick they have tried before, to take control of YOUR information! They have exposed the names of your friends to the world... They should be STOPPED!

If you are a teenager, then the folks at FaceBook have taken one of the most effective pieces of information that "nasty" folks could use to befriend you and made it available to them with out any warning.

They have made your Friends Lists available to those same "nasty" folks, despite how you had previously set the lists privacy! In effect THEY decided that everybody should share the names of their friends so they changed the roolz!

Happily a hue and cry from the great FaceBook Public persuaded them to enable your ability to make your Friends Lists sort of "Private".

HOWEVER you will not find the means of changing the Privacy of your friends list in the Settings page!!! You will need to click the pencil on the Home Page by the Friends List section. Then un-select the show friend list to everybody box that our FaceBook friends so kindly to set to YES!

Happily there is a website that explains it more clearly than I just did...

Thanks Avinash!

But if I were you I would look around for a Social Media site with a little more ethics!.

Think carefully about letting your offspring use FaceBook or for that matter MySpace
If you choose to let them, help them make sensible choices about their privacy settings. The reason is simple : Keep them Safe!

This problem is not new as this news report shows!
July 2006 CNET Page

You will know some very security unaware Parents! Please help your Parents use Social Media sites carefully. For one very simple reason it will save you future embarrassment! Seriously!!! Do you really want that photo of your (Fill in the Blank) shared with the world.

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