Wednesday, July 21, 2010

FaceBook & Privacy

I hate how FaceBook thinks that people's actions are theirs to share!!!
"Adrius, Who's Missing?
Willie, Freda and Hollie have tried the
automatic Friend Finder and found out."

Funny how I know the three of them. This is FaceBook basically "telling" me that they are inconsiderate individuals who think that sharing the contents of their address book with FaceBook is not a Privacy issue.

I bet they thought that they were doing it quietly.... you know under the radar such luck folks!!!

"FaceBook sneaked on you!!!"

At least I didn't post your photos here... like FaceBook did, to make it really clear WHO was being inconsiderate!!!

Doh! I bet you suspect I just made the same mistake as FaceBook....

Actually, I changed the names to protect the innocent, I mean inconsiderate!!!

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