Sunday, January 09, 2011

Mac App Store introduces the opposite of Shop Lifting

The opposite of Shop Lifting would be called something like Wallet Snatching.

With the new functionality introduced by the 10.6.6 upgrade the Mac App Store introduces the unwary to a new means of losing their money. The App Store used by iPhone, iPod, and iPad owners has a two click to purchase interface. With Mac App Store, Apple have introduced, an arguably devious, means of increasing sales by eliminating the "Are you sure?" Click.

This seems like a minor deal, but you must remember that the Terms and Conditions of App Store basically says when you have bought it it's yours and there is NO means of getting your money back apart from going to the developer of the software.

I am not a lawyer but I believe that Apple have successfully driven a coach and horses through the sale and purchase of goods Act, which clearly states that it is the seller, not the manufacturer, who is responsible if goods do not conform to contract.

This coupled with the fact that the App Store was not built to be secure from the developers perspective is a reason for developers who value their brand and their profit to steer clear from the App Store.

A recent incident I experienced with the SlingBox App has damaged Sling Medias brand in my eyes and certainly means I will be doing no more business with them. I also aim to stop as many of my friends as possible from buying Slingboxes. This arguably all stemmed from Sling Media's use of App Store, and hiding behind the Apple's decision to ignore the Sale and Purchase of Goods Act.

CAVEAT EMPTOR is even more important when it comes to doing business with Apple.
I think that may be assuming that they are above the law!

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