Monday, September 17, 2012

Wot d'ya mean "Digital Exhaust", it's gold & Mine!

or "Asserting my Human Digital Rights is pretty hard if they are not defined!"

Sadly no matter how hard I read the Declaration of Human Rights, I can no-where in them find the provision of my Digital Rights. Admittedly Article 8.1 - "Everyone has the right to respect for his private and family life, his home and his correspondence." provides very effective right to Privacy especially if we assume the definition of correspondence, to include all data communicated between myself and others, including machines.  This does not however give me ownership, or control over my data, whether it be the data that I deliberately create and store, or the data deliberately leaked from my devices, often called data exhaust or even data that judges or regulators try and call theirs! The data that defines location of my digital devices is mine, or at least it should be! There should be no doubt that anyone that wants to access and/or use that data should have my express permission to do either. Though there may be just cause to gain a court order to gain access to the data without my permission.

Dear Politicians and NGO bureaucrats,
  Please can you turn your attention to defining the Digital Rights of Individuals, including their agents.

Perhaps our friends in WIPO might see there remit expand to include the Data of Individuals, not just the "Intellectual Property related to Corporations and Artists? There is likely to be a better way, than simply re-purposing a current organisation whose role is becoming greyer as the Internet makes Transparency the new reality.

What that is remains to be seen....

Thank you

A very concerned Cyber Citizen

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