Sunday, October 13, 2013

MyPhone knows me, manages my soup, and acts as my Agent.

The device I really want has three key features over and above the standard Smart Phone stuff.

1st It knows MyIdentiy!
I'd go as far as saying it knows me a mile off, but I don't want to be without it that long! It uses multiple sensors to keep track of it's owners identity and status. It will know when I catching cold before I do.

2nd It stores and manages MySoup!
Which means it comes equipped with a fully extensible and semantically enabled Personal Data store that can readily have its content extended.

3rd It is MyAgent!
It acts on my behalf and not solely in the interest of those that built it!
It will advise me when I am in danger, it will encourage me to be healthier.

And best of all it can interact under my control with other MyPhones! for the betterment of humanity.

Hmm building the Rules that allow these devices to operate and achieve the above will not be trivai.

As a very bright person observed we should build the rules one asset at a time!

Which should we start with?

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