Tuesday, December 10, 2013

On the wisdom of young wizards!

Let it be known that not all young Wizards are as wise as Harry Potter. In addition, even Harry made a few faux-pas as he struggled to come to grips with his newly discovered powers. The trouble with IT professionals, though sometimes that last word has a hollow ring to it, is they don't fully comprehend that they are still young wizards, and worse they seem to have managed to persuade a gullible set out "business people" that they are highly proficient. I listened to Radio 4 this morning hearing non IT professionals defend the "impairment" of £40 million, based on the fact that it is quite normal, in the IT industry, for vast amounts of useless code to be written, and then "written-off", or as Glenda Jackson so eloquently translated for us... "So, does impairment mean poured down the drain?"

The fault lies in the assumption that if someone can put two Lego bricks together then the next question can be asked "Why can't they build a full size working model of the space shuttle?". The answer is quite simple they are not quire ready for that Spell yet, for they have yet to master a myriad of spells which would make the building of anything that uses more than 50 bricks quite beyond their reach. Excuse the mixed metaphors but as anyone who has tried to build the moving staircases of Hogwarts out of Lego knows, it's not quite as easy as you might think!

Sadly, most wizard schools, only teach the young wizards how to connect a few bricks together! 

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