Sunday, January 05, 2014

The big reveal!

I don't know my left from my right! You would however never know as I have a memory implant that gives me the answer on demand. While you can see the implant if you look carefully, you can't see when or if I operate it. A nasty collision with a wooden post in the early 60's, gave an RAF orthodontic surgeon, the excuse to experiment with this futuristic device.

To my delight I mastered the implant with ease, and have been using it ever since. It has no batteries, and has only had to be serviced twice in 50 years, once when the original materials decayed, and once when it came unstuck.

The reader is my tongue, the implant is simply a cap on what remains of my left incisor.

What the heck has this got to do with e-trust I hear you cry! Well actually far more than you might think. 
Having perused the recent news that Google is looking to allow you to unlock Chrome without a password, by using your mobile device, but were concerned that the devices might be abused, my surreptitious tongue interface came to mind. 

If I could give my tooth the power to communicate with my device, I could allow Chrome to automagically authenticate me through my device and then confirm my authorisation with a secret tap on my tooth.

An extension of the now hopefully not patentable idea, as I have put it into the public domain, is to piggy back an interface onto the nerves controlling the muscles in a particular area of ones body. then the user the would teach their identity agent their particular secret musculature confirm command.

For the challenge with establishing if any authentication signal was correct is first establishing with a high degree of authority the actual intent of the principal in question. There would also need to have a secret duress signal. Even more capable identity agents would have the capacity to detect the amount of blood in my alcohol! Authorisation would ever be allowed when it was high enough!

Too often are actions taken to be meant, this is not always the case.

Accepting actions without intent is a very fast way of denying the agency of the principal.

So when will I be able to get my dentist implanting my dental authentication device?
Perhaps more importantly what will it be called? 
Yorkshire Version = t'authorise
Modified Joke  = 2or30 ( two authority ok a stretch but close in an Irish accent)

Or a strap round my ankle that detects me twitching my left big toe, three times.
"Trust Ankor"?

It is not sufficient for a device to be able authenticate my ident, my device will need to confirm my intent, the two are very different problems.

As we shift to an Intention based economy this will be a real issue, for which we will need answers.

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