Friday, September 06, 2013

Unification: yes... Convergence: yes... but...

Converge on me..., Unify my control.

Don't converge on you, or unify your control.

Consumersation of Agency is about putting the end customer back in control.

Those that get that will win back the trust of their customers.

Back in days of your the concept of service was clear, the entity providing the service was the "servant" to the recipient. Agency was NOT in the hands of the service provider. IT & the Internet in it's early stages has allowed the distortion of the concept of service. Often delivered by Service Providers, a term that in itself signals the self importance of the providers, they clearly didn't like servant!

The signs of rebalancing are clear, those service providers that think that they can remain in control of their "users", are likely to quickly find that the Millenials think differently. Earlier generations did not have the skills to wrest back control, the Millenials do! Think about it "Users" that most horrendous of epithets that was the most powerful signal of the distortion of the "Service" model, is also found in the word of Illegal drugs. Millenials do not think of themselves as Users, they see themselves as being in control, the agents of their own destiny. 

Make sure you own companies Consumer Agency Strategy is clear, you can start with how your Customers chose to identify themselves to you.... Do you still force them to use your ID and password?

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