Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Dear Satya

I am looking for a cyber knight, some one who will bring "Human Agency" to the internet and protect it. By Human Agency I mean the capacity to control one's environment, when the environment is the internet, it might be called Cyber Agency.

To give an Entity (Government, Organisation, Person or Device) Agency, there are three things that must be sorted:-
1) The ability and capacity to trust the identity of remote entities,
     whether Anonymous (but same) or Named (and verified)
2) The means to transact in a trusted manner, ie negotiate, contract, commit, deliver, and pay in whatever persona we chose.
3) The opportunity to collaborate in a trusted environment

For me the current manner of attempting to achieve this with secrecy is doomed to failure.

We need an open trustworthy ecosystem, to accomplish the above.

I believe Microsoft can be one of the reasons that this ecosystem can come into being.

Please help us move from the "Agency Free" Enterprise/Network space through the "Agency Impaired"(App/Service)^2 domain to the "Agency Enabling" Entity/Device/Data Nirvannah

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