Friday, June 19, 2015

WiFi Access Fail O2

In a great pub on the Norfolk Boards I wanted to access the Web to give them a Trip Advisor review, one of my last Reviews as I have lost faith in Trip Advisor. Though that's another story.

The Wifi Hotspot was provided by O2, it popped up very easily asking me to sign in with my Mobile Phone Number, something that I really did not like!


But as there was no useable data signal anywhere close, I swallowed hard and signed up.


Then I waited for the SMS code to arrive. I use Giff Gaff which is O2 based.


Yep... you've got it there was no viable O2 signal in the pub, so I went outside and still no viable signal. I never did get connected.


Why!??! In this day and age!!! Why???

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